New Releases

Ancient Bricks - iOS | Android

Ancient Bricks is the reinvention of the classic brick breaker genre. You have to journey through an ancient temple, collecting as many treasures as you can. You can either explore the temple's chambers through 180 beautifully handcrafted levels or venture below into the mine where the deeper you get the more precious treasures you will find!

Color Path Challenge - Android

The rule is simple, connect matching colors. You may also need to use the blender to find the right mix. Red + Blue will be Purple, Blue + Yellow will be Green and so on. Enjoy playing with colors :)

Starcle - iOS/Android

Starcle is a unique puzzle game never seen before. It seems to be easy on the first glance but be warned, it's one of the hardest puzzle games of all times. No jokes. Are you up to the challenge?

Snow Jewels Star - iOS/Android

A beautiful chain reaction game of snowflakes and jewels to enhance winter mood. The game follows day and night changes in real time as you see it outside the window.

Run, Woody! - iOS

Woody is working at the construction of a huge skyscraper. Suddenly, something goes wrong and he needs to find his way out!


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